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Specialization of our company.
We are booking and accommodation in hotels of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities all at special prices. As well as provide transportation, tourist and excursion services in all major Russian cities. We organize conferences and events for business and rent conference rooms. Our services will be useful to those travelling in business or for tourism. And those tourists who decide to visit a Russian tourist centers with cognitive goals or simply relax.
Hotel reservations throughout Russia. Accommodation in Moscow hotels, hotels of St.-Petersburg and other Russian cities in hotels is our core competence. We offer special prices for accommodation. Our prices are significantly lower than the rack rates at hotels.

We can offer you special prices for several reasons.
First, we work with all discounted special treaties. We have received from most hotels special conditions for realization of their services.
Secondly, we buy places in large blocks and hotels with great discounts. Then we sell them in retail stores. This gives additional discount in price. Our special rates are below the open prices offered by hotels.
Thirdly, we are booking their blocks in the hotels in advance. We buy rooms in hotels until the hotels are starting to raise prices for its services, based on the current situation.
Therefore, we are always ready to offer you our special prices and guaranteed rooms even during the difficult dates. For example, at such times as the exhibitions, the peak load in the tourist season, periods of international events, forums and others.
This means that and stays in hotels of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities we always have options for you or your guests at special rates.

This site contains directories of hotels, which we are glad to offer you, as well as the cost for accommodation for any period. You will find the options from economy class to luxury and will be able to view detailed descriptions of selected hotel. You'll see the cards, photos of the rooms and interiors. Hotels descriptions accompanied by our author photo.
We offer accommodation for any term from one day. For groups, we are always ready to provide additional substantial discounts, sometimes discount up to 70% of the cost.
We try to create the most favorable conditions for cooperating organizations and consolidate our status as a reliable partner in the market of business tourism and hotel service.

We are always glad to new partners!
Documents for partnership and agreements can be found in the section for partners. For individuals using our services, a special bonus savings LIO|BONUS.

Moscow hotels for every taste!
Hotel «Swissotel Krasnye Holmy» 5*In Moscow we offer more than 150 hotels of different levels. Guests are always open the doors of the best luxury hotels, such as the «Metropol», «Lotte Hotel Moscow», «Swissotel Krasnye Holmy», «Ritz Carlton», «Hilton Dublin», «Radisson Royal Ukraine», «Marriot Grand Hotel», «National Moscow», «Kempinsky», «Savoy», «Crown Plaza» and others. Many of the luxury hotels managed by well-known international companies and offer the highest quality service. Lately many Moscow luxury hotels have provided our company with special rates on accommodation services. In some periods the price is less than the normal cost of business class rooms. Therefore, we encourage our customers to always pay attention to the current seasonal discounts. Especially note the hotel «Metropol». Substantial group discounts, which gave us the hotel «Metropol» and its perfect location next to the Red Square to highlight it to meet any wishes of our corporate clients and individual customers. Also stands out among luxury «Swissotel Krasnye Holmy». The flexible price policy pursued by the management company «Swissotel», allows us to offer you the luxury of room stock options, restaurants and meeting rooms at very good prices.
Business class hotels are presented in the Moscow hotel market is also very widely. This famous international hotel brands, such as «Holiday Inn» (the brand is often five «Holiday Inn Lesnay», «Holiday Inn Sokolniky», «Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky», «Holiday Inn Vinogradovo» and «Holiday Inn Simonovsky»), «Park Inn», «Radisson SAS». As well as business hotels «Renessans Monarh», «Aquamarin», «Borodino», «Milan», «Cosmos», «Assamblea Nikitskay» and many others. Especially note the Hotel «Aerostar», Moscow, Metro station Dinamo. This hotel offers not only the newly updated rooms, but also many opportunities for activities.
Hotel «Renaissans» 4*Many of the hotels are conveniently located on the capital's transport hubs. Hotel «Days» and «Hilton Leningradskay» located near the train station. «Aerotel Domodedovo» and «Park Inn Sheremetevo» as well as «Novotel Sheremetevo» are located in close proximity to airports. Close to the railway station «Belorusskiy» are hotels «Heliopark Empire», «Renaissans», «Radisson Belorusskay» and «Holiday Inn Lesnay».
Choice of hotels of tourism and economy class is also very broad.
Detailed descriptions of all categories of hotels see the catalogue of hotels of Moscow and at the special subway map, where you can see how Moscow hotels are located relative to the stations of the Moscow metro and the capital's train stations, airports and exhibition centers.
Look, we look forward to the opening of the hotel "Four Seasons" on the Moscow «Manege Square», to immediately offer promotional prices. The hotel "Four Seasons of Moscow" will combine completely preserved historic appearance together with advanced technologies and the most modern hotel facilities, rooms and restaurants.

Gifts Of St. Petersburg. Unique features of the northern capital.
Hotel «Astoria» 5*Saint-Petersburg hotels in all price categories are presented in the same way as in Moscow. Our company offers for accommodation in St. Petersburg more than 180 hotels. Among them are the legendary luxury hotels, such as «Astoria», «Angleter», «Grand Hotel Evropa», «Nevskiy Palace». A high level of service and business suites offer many hotels of St. Petersburg, which opened rather recently. Note the remarkable ability of hotels «Crown Plaza Ligovskiy», «Grand Hotel Emerald», "Petro Palace Hotel", "Ambassador", "Novotel Center» and «Radisson Royal". Now in St. Petersburg is a very large selection of modern and relatively low-cost hotels. For example, the hotel "Holiday Inn" has been opened in a very convenient place, on Moskovsky Avenue (on the road leading from Pulkovo airport to the Centre of Saint-Petersburg). Hotel "Park Inn Nevskiy», «Radisson Sonia», «Nash Hotel», «Ibis Saint-Petersburg Center», «Rahmaninov" and more than 50 magnificent hotels are conveniently located in the heart of St. Petersburg, close to the main attractions and Nevsky prospect.
Hotel «Vintage» 3*A very well established and mini hotel. In such small hotels created special comfort, so prized by travelers. Many of them formed the entire hotel groups such as "Rinaldy», «Nevsky» and others. Tourist class hotels and budget hotels in St. Petersburg represents a wide scope for choice. Description of the most popular hotels in our partners we present to your attention in the catalogue of hotels of St. Petersburg. Many of the hotels at certain times give us their special offers-see this information on the seasonal offers.
The most popular category of hotels in Saint-Petersburg are the three stars hotels. Such as, for example, "Azimut Hotel Saint-Petersburg», «Nautilus Inn», «Saint-Petersburg», «Rus», «Oktyabrskay», «Tavricheskay» and many others. In most such places repaired all room categories. Rooms have TV, fridge, bathroom. Private higher categories can be air conditioning and telephone. In a standard set of services usually included providing security, smooth maintenance, cafeteria and restaurant, Internet access and transport services, as well as some other services. For families we offer accommodation in comfortable family rooms and apartments.

Hotel «Ramada» 5*, EkaterinburgIn our company you can reserve places at leading hotels Kazan, Perm, Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok and other cities in Russia. For a complete list you can see in the section "Hotels in other cities of Russia" on this site. Close cooperation with the Russian hotel chains ("Amaks Crand Hotels», «Azimut Hotels", "Heliopark Hotels & Resorts» and many others) and the preferences of the leading international hotel groups (such as Intercontinental Hotels Group, the Rezidor Hotel Group, Swissotel, Accor and others) allow us to provide services at the lowest prices.

Together with our partners we develop convenient system of discounts and deals that take into account the interests of both corporate clients and private individuals.
We always welcome new proposals for cooperation.
It is gratifying to note that among the hotels of Russia were the highest class hotels.
Sochi hotels are now open for our customers all year round and offer services not only to relax but also for successful business as well as business events.

Tourist service, transport service and business tourism is at your service!
Our clients often ask for additional services that are usually required for group and individual tours. We are always glad to offer customers a full range of transport and tourist services. Welcome at airports and train stations, organization of cultural program, airport transfers and city tours by car and bus hire in any class, purchase tickets for various cultural and sports activities, the provision of guides and interpreters, catering. One of the main areas ofour activity is the organization of business events, conferences, presentations, seminars, special events. The best meeting rooms leading hotels of Russia always at disposal of our corporate customers.
Ordering with us holding business events, you save significantly on costs associated with the organization, transport services and services for participants. Among the most popular business trips are trips to various exhibitions, both international and regional. The exhibition dates we always have previously bought out the quotas in hotels.
We help foreign national’s visa support; organize transfers from hotels to venues.

Internal tourism to Russia.
Tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as tourist trips in other regions of Russia and deservedly long ago are extremely popular. Current economic situation obviously benefited internal tourism in Russia. The relatively low cost of such trips and rich tourist potential of Russia to attract more tourists. There are different options for organizing such trips.
This may be part of a tourist group tour and can be an individual program. Any options of tours to Moscow, tours to Saint-Petersburg, tours of the "Golden Ring of Russia" and in other regions, we are ready to offer your attention. Many of the options are already available on this site. If you do not find the desired option, then our managers will be pleased to arrange a tour according to your wishes.

Tours to Saint-Petersburg. The charm of the northern capital!
If you have a desire to see the city, unique in its beauty and architectural appearance, then you need to visit St. Petersburg. In this city you will be able to fully experience the beauty and poetry of the city streets, as well as touch the age-old mysteries of the old town.
We can offer tours that cover two city – "Moscow + Saint Petersburg».

A brief holiday at the end of the week is a true holiday for business people.
Travels through the cities (for example, in region «Golden Ring») are very popular with our customers. When people have a desire to escape from the bustle of city life, then the easiest way is to give you a little vacation at the end of the week, and spend it through partaking of rich historical heritage, which lurks in the ancient towns of the Russian heartland. Throughout the year we offer holidays in the countryside hotels and boarding houses near Moscow. Downloads are organized groups on trips along the routes of the region "Golden Ring". City of Suzdal is a remarkable example of an old Russian town. To touch upon all its main attractions will take 2-3 days.
We offer a stay in a luxury country hotel "Nikolaevskiy Posad», that offers any accommodations from economy to VIP level. Visit to the historical cultural centers such as Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Posad , Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy significantly enrich anyone and give emotional and spiritual charge.

Booking and accommodation in the short term.
Providing a full range of services in the field of hotel service and tourism.
Best price offers and individual work for each incoming request.
All this guarantees you a professional team of "LIO GRAND".
Save your time and enjoy our hotel and tourist service!

And even a few important words...
Due to real scarcity of places in Moscow hotels, hotels of St.-Petersburg and other cities of Russia, search available rooms are a big problem. Of course, rooms in capitals are quite large, but demand often exceeds its capacity, and this situation is unlikely to be resolved in the coming years. This applies especially to those dates when there are international exhibitions, fairs and celebrations, as well as in the days of the so-called seasonal weekly (for example, a season of "White Nights" in St.-Petersburg). Hotels report that they all bought and booked in advance. This applies to tourist class accommodation and hotel accommodation to business class and suites. By contacting the hotel directly, ensure a very small probability. Usually hotels hosting services respond that all seats are booked in advance. Search for suitable options in terms of price and time consuming. To make all the additional services associated with your stay (transfers, excursion service, visa support for foreign citizens and other services).
Output is very simple! Our company always has its own guaranteed quotas of seats in most of the hotels presented on this site, including the exhibition season dates, holidays and the tourist peak. Moreover, our service has the most up-to-date information on reservation and helps in placement even in very complex cases. With hotels we have close partnerships and our prices are almost always lower than the rack rates for hotels. We quickly confirm your claims. We buy large blocks of seats in advance, so always have their own quota of places that sell retail. There is a possibility to place on the same day. We organize for you the whole spectrum of additional services – transfers, tickets, tour services, meeting facilities and more. We always help you to find places in hotels, even when almost no one in there. Company "LIO GRAND” value time and comfort of its partners and customers.
It's really simple! Fill in the form or e-mail for us. We will confirm your choice as soon as possible or we will offer options. If you have any difficulties with the choice of hotel, you can specify a price range, and view options. You can order in other ways, for example, by e-mail, by fax, by phone, via ICQ. You can also go directly to our Office, which is in 50 meters from red square in Moscow. We do not charge any additional fees for booking! All reservation services, all taxes and fees included. We make corporate contracts with organizations and cooperation agreements with travel agencies. You can pay for orders in a variety of ways.
If you have planned a congress, seminar for partners, press conference, presentation, commemorative event, banquet, reception, anniversary, we'll help pick out a suitable conference room equipped with all necessary equipment. Will provide accommodation for participants and organize catering for the duration of the event. Organization of conferences and celebrations is a complex process. We can help you save your time and energy. Our specialists are professionals with extensive experience. To each customer we take with maximum attention and are ready to consider all the needs and nuances. For a variety of options for business events we have developed comprehensive options for meeting services.


We will be glad to see you among our friends!